Support & Solutions

IT Managed Support

  • Service Center Management Support
  • Vendor / Asset Management Support
  • Technical Hardware Management Support
  • Desktop Management Support
  • Server Management Support
  • Network Management Support
  • On Call Support / On- Site Support

IT Solutions

  • Mail Management Solutions
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Storage Solutions / Data Base Solutions
  • Disaster-Recovery Solutions

Infrastructure Management Services:

ANDROMEDAE IT delivers services to maintain standard Operating Environment (SOE) that supports first level support for all inventory and client specific applications. We perform all standard installations and support critical processes via innovative automation solutions, maintain the required level of security compliance.

End Users at workplace utilize several End User Computing devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Audio video equipment and Peripherals. ANDROMEDAE IT will deliver Workplace services through remote and/ or onsite support engineers at required business.

Cloud Solutions:

Your evolving business requires agility, flexibility, scalability and security – all of which ANDROMEDAE IT Services provides with private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. With our cloud migration, storage and management solutions, your business can be seamlessly integrated into the Cloud environment. Our experienced cloud migration consultants understand your business parameters such as IT requirements, growth and scalability, and architect the best possible solution for you. We possess expertise in designing, building and maintaining customized cloud solutions for your business that will help you get the competitive edge over your competitors. With our cloud migration experts on board, you can get the maximum value out of the cloud transformation.

Asset Management:

Our best of breed Product support services encompass online tech support, optimization of IT operational efficiencies through hardware maintenance, software updates and troubleshooting, and customized IT support solutions. With our IT Product Support Services, you have the advantage of gaining the highest quality of standards in IT Infrastructure Support and online technical support. Our team of experienced, certified IT support professionals assist you with effective secure processes and design innovative technology support solutions.

Our Asset Management Services protect your organization’s environment and optimize hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycle to immediately align with your business regulatory and compliance requirements in a cost-optimized manner. We provide a centralized, integrated, policy-driven and automated asset management function for your organizational IT assets to help you maximize their utilization, mitigate risks and ensure overall compliance

Networking Solutions:

ANDROMEDAE Infrastructure Consulting and Solution services help you build a state of the art IT infrastructure by creating solutions unique to your business. We have an unparalleled combination of multi‐vendor and multi‐platform expertise. ANDROMEDAE has also developed time‐tested and proven methodologies for designing, integrating and testing our infrastructure solutions. We also provide Equipment Leasing and Strategic Outsourcing and Disaster Recovery Services.

IT Managed Services:

ANDROMEDAE offers Single Source comprehensive delivery system for Infrastructure Management Services that allows Organizations to respond to and pro‐actively manage change within their facilities. ANDROMEDAE can meet your needs and exceed your expectations through solutions tailored to your situation. Over the past years, processes and systems have been driven by the Infrastructure Management Group for each service customized for each customer. These processes and systems allow Organization to focus on their Core competencies.

ANDROMEDAE IT Managed Services is involved in the following activities: ‐

  • Service Desk Management Support
  • Vendor / Asset Management Support
  • Technical Hardware Management Support
  • Desktop Management Support
  • Server Management
  • Network Management Support
  • Mail Management Support
  • Data Centre Management
  • Anti‐Virus System Management
  • Storage Solution/ Data Base Management Support
  • Disaster Recovery Support
  • On Call Support/ On‐site Support

At ANDROMEDAE Infoservices, we are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Over the coming year with new investments, our company will significantly enhance our service offerings and the value we offer to our customers.